FAB UK Press August 2020

FAB UK Interview – Piera’s Music Supporting Vital Humanitarian Work

FAB UK Interviews Singer-songwriter Piera Van de Wiel as she speaks with Sue Smart about the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable women and girls, how the effects of Hurricane Dorian are far from over – and what she is doing to help.

News of the alarming increase in domestic violence against women and girls during the current lockdown has motivated Piera to help in the best way she can. Connecting her new single, Used, to the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, she is shedding light on this dark issue and raising funds for this important cause.

When the opportunity to interview Piera comes up, I begin my research. The more I delve, the more I am impressed at how hard she is working to help women be heard by telling their stories through her music, writing and films; and to raise awareness and funds for vital humanitarian efforts.

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