Stronger With Music

Piera is an entrepreneur and has founded the collective Stronger With Music. It promotes the importance of music and mental health and music and social impact. With her collective Stronger With Music, Piera Van de Wiel has worked and performed with NGOs globally, including the Barefoot College International, Applaud Our Kids Foundation at 54 Below, the Aspire Artemis Foundation, and has sung at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for International Women’s Day sponsored by the Mission of Djibouti, and at other UN sponsored events around the world, including the Regional STEAM & Innovation Symposia in St Lucia with UN Women and Microsoft.
Stronger With Music also works with music therapists and a neuroscientist in looking into how music affects us psychologically and physiologically, and how it can affect our brains and our well-being.

Daniel Goldschmidt

Daniel Goldschmidt - Music Therapist

Daniel Goldschmidt, MM, MT-BC has been a board-certified music therapist since 2013, and completed coursework for his master’s in music therapy from Colorado State University in 2019. He has used music to help individuals meet their therapeutic goals with people of all ages; from preschoolers, to adolescents with special needs, to members of the military, to dementia care, to end-of-life care. He has given interdisciplinary keynotes around the US on topics including music cognition (see his TEDx talk here), music engagement for health professionals, and discussing the impact of race and racism in music therapy.

Dr. Alex Korb 

Alex Korb PhD is a neuroscientist, writer, and coach. He has studied the brain for over 15 years, attending Brown University as an undergraduate and later earning his Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA. He has published over a dozen peer-reviewed journal articles on depression, neuromodulation and other topics, and is the author of The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time.


Our Campaigns

Our Stronger With Music campaigns aim to uphold the sustainable development goals in order to achieve the UN’s agenda of 2030. Music can be utilized as a tool in raising awareness, taking action, and implementing creative strategy for social action and social change. There is power in the creative economy to make change happen.

Come Back Home Remix

Piera Van de Wiel partners with Bahamian music legend Fred Munnings and Grammy award-winning Bahamian producer and artist Fred Ferguson to create the Bahamian remix to Piera’s award-winning track for listener impact “Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song)”

Stronger With Music mentioned in the House of Lords

Dame Floella Benjamin member of the House of Lords mentioned Piera Van de Wiel’s company Stronger With Music’s due to their end domestic violence campaign at the Domestic Abuse Bill at the House of Lords.
Stronger With Music

"Used" | End Domestic Violence Music Video Campaign

Our Founder Piera Van de Wiel’s original song “Used” has been raising awareness of the increasing cases of Domestic Violence.  It has been raising the awareness of the incredible work of the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women.

This single has been highlighting the silent salient issue of the shadow pandemic of Domestic Violence and the increasing numbers due to Covid-19. The song has been played on NBC , and now has an accompanying music video that shows us the harrowing truth of Domestic Violence, how many it affects, stats, the shelters, and how we can educate ourselves to offer aid.

When domestic violence occurs there is a dysregulation around emotional understanding, music acts as a soothing mechanism.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation released “Signal For Help” a global hand gesture and movement which acts as a distress signal for victims of domestic violence. In the new music video for “Used” Van de Wiel has included women performing this hand gesture and movement. Let’s make this signal global and help all women around the world who are suffering. If victims are unable to verbally communicate due to their abuser, let’s empower each and everyone of them with non verbal communication- and this could just save their lives. We are Stronger with Music.

The music video has now launched in conjunction with the Canadian Women’s Foundation “Signal For Help” Awareness Week

Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) nominated for Best Music Video for Indie Short Fest

Piera Van De Wiel has been nominated for Best Music Video for the Indie Short Fest for her ‘Come Back Home’ (Abaco Relief Song). The Indie Short Fest is an LA-based international film competition.
IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement
IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement
IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement

Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) nominated for Best Original Song and Best Music Video at the Indie X Film Festival

Piera Van De Wiel has been nominated for Best Original Song and Best Music Video for the Indie Short Fest for her ‘Come Back Home’ (Abaco Relief Song). The Indie Short Fest is an LA-based international film competition.

IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement
IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement
IndieX Film Fest Certificate of Achievement

"Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song)"

“Come Back Home’ (Abaco Relief Song)” single and campaign has been raising funds and humanitarian efforts for the Abaco Islands Bahamas that were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian last year 1st September 2019. A place Van de Wiel has called home since she was a baby. “Immediately after the hurricane had hit, I started writing the song and putting together a home footage video, a video of all the memories, my friends and family who had looked after me and cared for me when growing up. I included home footage from Abaconians and friends of Abaco and also included victims of hurricane dorian singing along to my ending chorus “home home home, coming home to abaco.” Piera Van de Wiel, Founder of Stronger With Music
film festival laurels recognizing Come Back Home

Global Music Award for "Come Back Home"

My single “Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) has been awarded a “Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Listener Impact” at the Global Music Awards for independent artists.

ABACO Relief Song by Piera Van De Wiel

Anniversary Edition "Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song)

The Anniversary Edition “Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) Music Video has also been recognized as a Finalist at the Independent Shorts Awards, Quarter-Finalist at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Quarter Finalist at Top Shorts, Award Nominee at the Indie X Film Festival, and was officially selected at the Arts X SDGs (sustainable development goals) festival, the Awareness Festival and the Los Angeles Music Video Festival.

Recent Events & Panels

Global Innovation Symposia

Yeah, I mean, honestly, it was so wonderful to be able to perform for the kids today. That means the most to me, I want to be able to inspire them and make them think they can go out and create music or create any technology or even coding, because what music does is that it also helps as I said, with spatial temporal relationships, which is important within the science, tech, engineering and mathematic world. So I want people to know that the arts are a part of this world. And we can support that. And I want the children to know that that’s included as well.”

More from the event.

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“Music is an integral part of my life. When I wake up, the first thing I do is play music to start my day. It not only motivates me physically but mentally. Whether I need consolation after a breakup or courage to stand up for what I believe in, music is always there to energize and empower me! “

Piera Van De Wiel

Creator & Lead Vocalist

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